Santa’s Back, and He’s Going Hardcore

An e-mail to my high school AP Computer Science students:


To: All

Subj: Santa’s Back, and He’s Going Hardcore

Date: December 18, 2016

Greetings, APCS'ers,

Thanks for a great first semester!

The new Hardcore world is open. You can reach it at the following address:

For now this is in place of our regular world, which is fine -- don't worry! I just have not been able to figure out how to run both worlds simultaneously on one license. So for now, our regular AP world has been saved and I will turn it back on later.

The Hardcore world is a new one and all players are re-whitelisted on the server so it's a brand new game! 

Overall APCS Minecraft Mission

To create a self-sustaining community that reinforces trust among individuals and rewards pro-social behavior.

Rules of Hardcore

If you die, it's permanent and you won't be able to rejoin the Hardcore server until the next restart. I'll leave this one up at least three weeks or so (or until most of you are dead.)

PvP is OFF. Please help each other to survive and let's see if we can keep the fatality rate low.

Try to think about others and do things that help the community. Some examples:

  • Only take what you need.
  • Think about new players spawning in and try to leave some trees standing (or replant.)
  • Build safe areas for other, more vulnerable players.
  • Say Hi to new players as they come in.

In this world, villages and temples are not under any special protection. If you find it, you can use it.

If you die, please post to the Discussion Forum "How I Died in Hardcore" and tell your sorry tale. We want to know the details so we can offer you our condolences. And use your stuff.

Please be very careful and remember that you are soft and vulnerable. Don't take any chances. Seriously! If you are still new to Minecraft you might want to try starting a Single Player Hardcore game, just to give yourself a sense of how it is.

Some tips for surviving in Hardcore mode:

Personally, I am diving deep right away and mining. You won't see me again until I have a full suit of armor.

Happy Minecrafting, and happy holidays to all,

Mr. Kiang.

© Douglas Kiang 2020